Environmental Audit and Consultancy


The Institute has been recognized as Schedule-I Auditor by GPCB, Gandhinagar, since 2012. Through this recognition, the institute is eligible to conduct Environmental Audit of allotted Schedule-I category industries.


• Conducting sampling and analysis of waste water and solid waste generated in client industries.

• Monitoring and analysis of flue gas, process gas and ambient air in client industries.

• Documenting the Annual Environmental Audit Report for submission to GPCB and Hon. High Court.

• To check compliance of various legal points regarding environment, health and safety enforced by GPCB


• Wet Laboratory, Dry Laboratory, Instrument Laboratory, Field Equipment Room, Balance room, Sample Inward Section, Sample Storage & Pretreatment Section, Waste Storage Section, Refrigeration Facility, Maintenance Room, Conference Room, Library, Staff Room, Record Maintenance & Computer Room.

• Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Double Beam Spectrophotometer, Digital Flame Photometer, Bomb Calorie Meter, Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate, Microbalance, Hack Multi Parameter Kit, HANNA Multi Parameter Kit, Hot Plate, Microscope, B.O.D Incubator, C.O.D digester, Muffle Furnace, Autoclave, Kjeldahl Distillation Assembly, Colony Counter, Ultrasonic Bath, Water Shaking Bath, Hot Air Oven, Centrifuge, TDS Meter, Turbidity Meter, Water, Distillation Assembly, Refrigerator, pH Meter

• Stack Monitoring kit (Fully Automatic Microprocessor Base, Thermo electric cooled Gaseous Sampling Unit), Digital Sound Level Meter, Ambient Fine Dust Sampler to determine PM 2.5/10 microns in atmosphere, Portable Handy Sampler for Process Stack.


• B. E. / B. Tech in Environment/Civil

• B. E. / B. Tech in Chemical Engg / Tech

• Bachelors in Chemistry / Environmental Science

• Bachelors in Micro-Biology/Bio-chemistry


• Waste Prevention and Reduction.

• Assessing compliance with regulatory requirements.

• Facilitating control of environmental practices by a company’s management.

Name of Co-odinator

Prof. Kimshuk D. Desai, Asst. Prof., Chemical Engineering Department

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