Laboratory Detail

Sr. No. Laboratory Name List of Equipment
1 Concrete Technology Lab 90 Mic. Fine Sieve 20 cm Dia (Brass), Slump Test, Fine Sieve 20 cm dia, (Brass), Lid Pan for 20 cm dia (Brass), Lid & Pan for 20 cm Dia (Brass), Vicat Needle Apparatus, Vibrating Table (60 X 60 cm), Coarse Sive 30 cm Dia (GI), Lid & Pan for 30 cm Dia (GI), Concrete Mixer, Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus, Density Basket, Cube Mould, Cylindrical Mould, Sieve Shaker (Motorised), Cylindrical Metal Measure (3, 15 & 30 ltr), Air Permeability Apparatus (Blain Type), Vicat Appartus, Le-Chatelier Mould With accessories, Mould Steel (70.6 mm), Mould Cast I
2 Elements of Civil Engineering Lab Content Tag
3 Environmental Engineering Lab
4 Engineering Transportation Lab Content Tag
5 Soil Engineering Lab
6 Computer Lab
7 Basic of Civil Engineering Lab
8 Surveying Lab Content Tag
9 Mechanics of Solids Lab
10 Civil Material Testing Lab

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